Doors & Drawers

This class is a follow-up to our cabinetmaking class. In that class our focus was on designing, laying out, building and installing the casework. In this class we will turn our attention to building doors, drawer faces and drawer boxes. Most of our attention will be directed toward building and installing these elements in kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and entertainment centers. However, we will also consider drawer and doors for furniture applications as well.

Making frame and panel doors is much easier with a router table and a collection of cope & stick and panel raising bits. However, if your taste runs more to simple “Shaker” style construction, all of the joinery can be accomplished with your table saw. Different methods of drawer box construction will be explored including dovetail joints and pocket hole joinery. Commonly available drawer hardware and hinge options for your cabinets will also be considered. And, for those of you who would like to build your cabinets but don’t want to tackle building cabinet doors, we will show you available options for custom made cabinet doors available through Hardwood Lumber & More…

Those of you who have attended the cabinetmaking class have seen just how easy it is to build cabinet boxes. In this class we will demonstrate the similar ease with which you can make and install your own drawer boxes, doors, roll-outs and flipper doors. The fee for attending this class is $10.00 which will be refunded to those who attend in the form of a Hardwood Lumber & More… Store Credit. Enrollment is limited to 30 students.